Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Halloween Digital Stamps

I added quite a few new stamps to my Etsy store today since I noticed people are already searching for Halloween items. And who can blame them? Halloween is the BEST time of the year! My favorite holiday season. So here's a bunch of darker style stamps to start off the fun season. Ok... one caveat... these stamps come from older lineart I had so they're not exactly new. But they're new to you and that's what counts! Woo! The "Party of Evil" is my personal fave (at right).

I have an upcoming set of brand sparkly new Halloween stamps that will be released on the Design Team Challenge Blog on September 22. Woo! Some cute, some scary, some inbetween. Those will be available on Etsy on Sept. 22.

Below are a set of Zombie Tarot ATCs for a swap I'm in on a trading website. I'm not at all into Tarot cards but I am into zombies. It's still a good combination. Eventually, when the swap is completed, I will have an entire set of Tarot cards featuring ugly zombies from a whole bunch of different artists. That's pretty awesome. Maybe I'll learn how to use Tarot cards one day.

Sorry for the gore! Couldn't help myself.

Back next week :)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Zentangley Fashion Pop Art

Zentangley Fashion Pop Art is a whopper of a title but that's what this is really, a zentangle lady in pop art style with a fashion edge. Works for me! And it took fooooorrreeevvvverrrr to complete. Drawing the girl was easy, making lineart for that zentangled hair was a monster job. I'll probably make only a few of these ones! She's available in my Etsy store now.

It's zombie time now I think, gearing up for Halloween and zombie walks. Next stamps are horrible, gross and dark, I promise.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

It feels good to be back posting again! And even better--it's almost time for school! My favorite TV commercial is for Stapes office supply stores. They have an ad with parents dancing in the store aisles picking up school supplies with, "It's the most wonderful time of the year" playing in the background. That's totally me. One daughter went to camp for a couple of weeks and the other was busy with work and her horse but when you work at home, summers can be hectic and unproductive work-wise.

Here's the lovely little nature fairy digital stamp I started yesterday. She's all complete and in my Etsy store now. I had actually sketched this one out during a life drawing session this summer but she sat in my sketchbook waiting. Sadly I have tons like that, all waiting for the line art to be completed. If only drawing the lines was a little more fun. I love the sketching part best I have to admit. I could never be an inker.

Below are a few images from a recent life drawing session. I used a pencil which was strangely weird since I never use a pencil, mostly colored pencils or a pen. I had to get used to it again! It's sort of like handwriting. If you use a computer all day for years, your handwriting skills tend to go funny.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hello again!

Wow, I can't believe how long it's been since I posted. June! It's not that I haven't done any art, I've just been so busy with people, family and summer that I haven't had a great deal of time to post and comment on blogs (sadly). I had visitors for much of July, then more visitors this month as well as heading up to the cottage with family. And now, finally as of today, I am free again! WOO! I'm coming around to visit my blog friends after I post.

I've been hard at work on new digital stamps as well as art for sale, for swaps and for various other things. At right is a rainbow unicorn ATC I made for a fellow trader on And below is a series of 9 cards (one is missing) for another swap on This is the extreme color post I think. I am a rainbow lover, I'll admit it. At least that's what I tell my daughter when she asks me what my favorite color is. It's always "rainbow."

On the digital stamp front, I'm sponsoring quite a few digital stamp challenges in 2015 but those are far away. Some of them are for dark, edgy type of challenges and others are for more traditional type of challenges. I do now have a wonderful lady who is running a digital stamp challenge blog for me. Valou Allard has put together a new blog and is actively looking for people to join the design team here:

If interested, please contact Valou via the blog!

Here's one of the digital stamps I'm working on. I'll probably get it up in the Etsy shop for tomorrow. This is one of a larger nature fairy series I'm working on. I'll also being doing a set of goth fairies too.

And that's all for now! Back to work for me to try and catch up on some of the art I owe for work and for swaps.