Tuesday, June 24, 2014

ATCs and the World Cup

It's World Cup time! Ok, I'm not really THAT excited but my husband is a soccer fanatic so it's on at our house every single day and I can't help but be pulled in. I'm going for The Netherlands to win it all and pulling a bit for the USA too. Anyone else?

More ATCs made for art trading friends and swaps. At left is a smoking pinup and at right are a set of cards for a swap on Voodoo. These are all done in markers and ink.


  1. I'm officially World Cup Clueless. When we lived in Boston, I was always amazed by the fury and the hoopla (especially since I came from the Midwest, where - at the time - roughly four people noticed and/or cared). In your honor - and Alex's - I will now hereby offer a hearty, "Go team." Apply where necessary. ;)

    I can't wait to see the voodoo cards in person! They're so, so good! <3

    1. LOL! Yeah, Canada is a bit like that with soccer, or used to be. Things seem to be changing now with lots of kids playing.

  2. Happy SOCCER -Co -Fan DAYS Sal.... I don't mind which team wins ... I don't like either football, soccer nor any other of these...

    wonderful ATCS Sal!

  3. yeah, i'm not into the whole soccer thing either. while my husband watches on TV, i get extra time to do some sketching.

    love your drawings, they are great! and a little scary :)

  4. Great artwork! Now England are out I'm routing for the Netherlands too. Thanks for visiting.

  5. The smoking pimp looks really seductive with that pose and the voodoo ATC's really do look sinister. Incredible work as usual.

  6. Your ATC's always look great. Amazing how you get the shadows done with markers ....

  7. World Cup is here and our lives are upside down. I am a teacher and our holidays are in July but this year,it is happening now. The whole country is excited.There is a foreigner in every corner and a protest against the Cup too.Let's see what lies ahead huh!Love your work,it brightens my day!

  8. Gorgeous cards! I totally covet that dark voodoo girl. Fantastic detail all around!