Friday, September 26, 2014

Mucha style! Sort of :)

Happy paint party Friday!

I'm busy working away on coloring books along with a set of ATCs for yet another trade with fellow artists. Right now I'm working on portraits of my fellow traders in the style of Mucha. Ok, so they're not a great Mucha style but some elements are there!

These portraits are done in markers and gel pens because gel pens are fun and sparkly.

I was at life drawing yesterday and had a lot of fun drawing our wonderful model. He always comes up with the good standing poses and they're super ones to draw, especially with the pole prop.

These life drawings are done in pen.

Ok, ouch. I just had a massive book fall on my wrist. How is that possible you ask? I was reaching to find a pencil to jot a note and I jostled a pile of books on my rolling art tray that I had placed (very precariously) on top of a pile of uneven sketchbooks and it all came barreling down on my left wrist. Good job I'm right handed or I wouldn't be getting much work done today.


And another set of digistamps, a couple of new ones and a couple I'd drawing before and just added.


  1. Love the Mucha inspired work, and the life drawings are sooooooo good! Valerie

  2. Oh, my goodness! How talented you are! I love your varied styles. Those life-drawings are really good. Wow! But it was your cats which especially caught my fancy this morning.

  3. Wow, so much to look at. I especially like your digi stamps, What fun!
    ~Happy Paint Party Friday~
    Thanks for sharing your work :)

  4. Your faces are wonderful - love the life drawings

  5. Love all of these especially the faces. The digi stamps are awesome.

  6. Awesome work as always Sal. Really good life drawings.:)

  7. The Mucha portrait of the woman in glasses is amazing! Anyone I know? :D

    Love the life drawings. The poses they've been doing with the pole / stick are really cool!

  8. Wow you are such a diverse talented artist! Wonderful work...great poses on the nude!!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. An interesting variety of styles that shows just how talented you are.
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring.
    Enjoy PPF and your weekend

  10. such varied styles and they are also ALL fab! Love the portrait ATCs!

  11. your Mucha-ATC's look great, and I'm still wondering how on earth you can do sketches like that in ballpoint ... ! They're amazing ....

  12. Aaaaah, your poor wrist! The portraits are fantastic. So much personality!

  13. Great Mucha style portraits! I've seen the exhibition in May when I was in Prague. Loved it! :)