Monday, September 21, 2015

Art and more art, and a few more arts

I've been busy, arting away on various projects such as Decos, postcards, ATCs and my own canvas art. Plus work. It's a lot of art making!

At left is a postcard for my friend, Ann. She's a Flannery O'Connor fan so I made her an author postcard for a trade we had on This one is colored pencil on a thick kraft type cardstock. I used inks over top of the pencil.

Below is a big set of Favorite Artist trading cards for a big swap on Everyone who participates picks a favorite artist and collects cards in the style of or a copy of a master by fellow artists on the trading site. It's one of my favorite swaps since you get to create in a very different style from your own and you get introduced to artists you might not be familiar with. I usually go for the German and Austrian expressionists and have a wonderful collection of mini Beckmann, Klimt and Shiele. Lucky me!

At right is a fun watercolor set of still life mini paintings for yet another swap on I spend a lot of time there, clearly.

Sadly, I didn't have tons of time for 29 Faces this September but I probably have drawn about 20 faces anyway, lol! I should have posted about it. Ah well. There is always February.


  1. Oh gosh! You are such a wonderful artist! So many amazing ATCS .. terrific!
    Greetings from

  2. haha, love that postcard and the quote :-) And those ATC's are just plain gorgeous. I especially love the lady with the 2 poodles ....

  3. i'm always amazed at how much detail you can fit onto such a small canvas :)

    these are just beautiful!!!

  4. Great work Sal. Love the monotone postcard.

  5. Ah, that brilliant Flannery postcard, I remember it well. Just fantastic (and hilarious). You always rock those fave artist cards, my goodness!