Thursday, January 1, 2015

Art Resolutions 2015

Happy new year! 

I'm starting off the new year with an art goal. I'm taking part in the 30 Paintings in 30 Days challenge and I absolutely plan on finishing it this year. There. I've said it... and now I have to do it. Luckily, I owe a bunch of art cards to various art trading friends, plus a few swaps here and there and I can paint them all. I even have art card sized canvases so it's all good.  

I started off my challenge with a Basquiat style 6" x 6" piece. I have a wall downstairs and it had a small hole in the painting arrangement so this one fits in perfectly. Two birds, right?

Tomorrow I'll try a master study or maybe a portrait since those go quickest for me.

At right and left are a couple of sets of ATCs for a swap. Both are done in markers and inks. 

At right is an old cowboy based on a famous photo from Life Magazine way back when. I think it's from the 1930s though I'm not sure if that's the right decade or not. This one is done in colored pencil on a nice, beige drawing paper.

Art Resolutions 2015
  • Finish 30 paintings in 30 days for January.
  • Figure out how to mix oil paints properly and then use them to make realistic looking skin tones. Actually, I need to learn how to do this with acrylics too. It's a learning year, clearly.
  • Find a proper direction for commercial projects.
  • Finish 29 faces for the 29 Faces challenge in February.
  • Fill one sketchbook from start to finish without starting 5 new ones in between. I have never done this before. I half fill all of my sketchbooks. It's ridiculous.

Happy goal filling to everyone! :)


  1. You are STUD with the goal setting! I am so inspired!

    This is going to be a learning year for me, too. I should probably map out some concrete goals, though. Right now, I have a set of notes that say helpful things like, "Get better at sculpting." LOL.

    Your Basquiat painting is magnificent! I love your color choices and the way you supercharge the space of the painting with visual interest. That's something I feel like everyone can learn from him, even if they aren't partial to his style.

    Also, the fingernails. I can't say enough about how much I love them!

    1. I love the fingernails too! My favourite part :)

      I put a lot of time and effort into them.

  2. Great goals you have set! I'm still working on mine, although doing more art is one of them.
    I look forward to seeing your 30 paintings in all their variety.
    Happy New Year, and happy birthday!

  3. Beautiful! Happy New Year, Valerie

  4. Good luck with all this...
    I can find myself in some things you wrote about you!

    Happy New Year Sal!

  5. I like that you have various goals set for the year! I should too, but holding back just a little with the artsy ones, though they are there, just not written down ;-)

    I like the diversity of art you are showing, because it shows that you are not to put in a box, saying my style is exactly this and I can't do anything else. Different media have different kinds of expression I think.

    Happy New Year and happy PPF

  6. Wow- Your faces are so wonderful I am surprised you have such a big list. Just goes to show we can always learn new things. (That's a good thing too!) Enjoy the first few days of your new year!

  7. Although your beautiful, bright-colored art is probably perfect for your space on the wall, I think your talent for realism is so far beyond the majority of artists that the world will be missing a lot if you don't continue primarily in doing portraits. You have some worthy goals for the new year. I'm glad they include the 29 faces.

  8. Love your Basquiat inspired piece! And, your goals sound great - I t sounds like a busy (but fun) year is ahead!


  9. wow-great goals to have-and I LOVE your painting-the energy, the colors-fabulous!

  10. Have you considered having dedicated sketchbooks -- like one for pencil work, one for acrylic practice, one for portraits, one for imaginary beings? It might help you finish without having to change the multiple sketchbook habit. It sounds like it's going to be a great year for you. These works show your versatility -- love the Basquait style painting. It reminded me of NW Native art, too. You cowboy looks so pensive and compelling. Great work!

  11. Beautiful 2 pieces, and there's nothing better than to work daily, with a bit of pressure to finish a goal, to make you advance, practice and have fun!
    So happy to see you'll join the 29 faces!!!

  12. Wow!! I am exhausted looking at your goal list. Your art is so diverse. Awesome.

  13. Great goals - January and February are going to be great for us who enjoy your blog with all the new canvases and faces!!

  14. Wow! So many art goals this year! Whenever I have a specific art goal, I just slip that wish into my daily painting. I want to study streetscapes? I paint them for days. I want to study a new medium? I may practice that for a month - more, if I really enjoy it. Remember to have fun and just enjoy the journey!

  15. Wonderful goals, such impressive work, so versatile and gorgeous!

    Hugs Giggles

  16. WOW! The Basquiat painting is awesome! So much like his style & colours. And i love the cowboy too. Amazing talent. You impress me with your goal setting. Way to go! Here's to a productive and peaceful new year ahead! xx

  17. those are wonderful goals and projects!
    I am already thinking of 29 Faces also. i have never done 30 paintings in 30 days, sounds like an awesome winter project. loved seeing your pieces. a wonderful cowboy!

  18. I love that painting! Your art goals sound great and could be mine for a part. Looking forward to seeing your 30 paintngs and 29 faces :-)